Monday, March 28, 2011

Babies and Maple Syrup

My sister, Ashley, has gone into labor. Granted, she's only dilated 1cm currently, therefore not hospitalized. I spend the remainder of my spring break in anxiety. I missed the birth of my nephew, I have no intention of missing the birth of my new niece. This may mean I miss school, or even get taken out halfway through the day. Enough of that, though. The more I think about the more I begin to hyperventilate (Hahaa...).

Onto things unrelated to the birth of my second niece.

You see, I'm a huge fan of Hetalia: Axis Powers (Or is it Axis Powers Hetalia now? Or was that before it got dubbed? Ah, danggit...). It's an anime about personified countries. It follows the characters/countries through major events in the world, such as WW2. Currently, my favorite characters in the series are Russia, Canada and America. Being the good little fangirl I am, I took it upon myself to learn how to draw them. I haven't gotten around to America yet, but I have made a reference sheet for Russia and Canada. Russia was easy.

Have any of you tried to draw a maple leaf? Like the one on the Canadian flag?

I fear the people of Canada may sue me for defiling their national icon.

Everything was going fine until I tried to draw the leaf. Who'd have thought it was so hard? I still can't get the dang thing to look right. 

Heres a look at what I've accomplished:

The first picture is Russia (Ivan Braginsky), the second Canada (Matthew Williams). You can see a few of my crappy attempts at the corner of Matthew's page... uhg. Stupid leaf. Since these are reference sheets for myself, the figures on the left of each paper aren't... original. I basically copied pictures the artist published, so I could get a feel for the characters. Everything else, I did myself. Especially those maple leafs.

...I hate the maple leaf.

It's about time to bring this to a close, since I have school tomorrow. And a sister in labor.

Oh, anxiety.



  1. I hope everything goes well, and i like Russia's cane (its a cane right? The thing that looks like a cane?)Speaking of... i should get me a cool cane...

  2. ;o Wish your sister luck from me. More pretty pictures, please! /ok

  3. Oh, and judging by the pictures I've seen, I believe that's a faucet with the pipe still attached. :P

  4. A faucet? Thats even better! ...However i think people would think im up to no good carrying around a faucet, i mean not that they'd be wrong, i just dont want them thinking it before i actually do something...

  5. I fixed the "being" to "begin". x-x I was still freaking out, I deserve the typo! And yes, it's a faucet. It's meant for hitting. :D

  6. Of course its meant for hitting things, i mean what else would you use a faucet for, just makes sense to me..