Monday, March 28, 2011

The Thing I'd Never Do

I started a blog.

[Enter gasping audience here]

Ahhh, yes. The ramblings of nothing from someone who, really, has nothing to talk about (I repeat myself for effect). And this is just the introduction! Whomever decides to read this, I apologize. Don't waste your life, do something productive like... finding the cure to cancer?


I suppose I should use this space to warn anyone what they're in for, if they were to read the things I have to write. First, I'm a nerd. Specifically, an anime/manga nerd. Some would call me an 'otaku', but when you know the true meaning of the word, it just doesn't seem to fit. Second, I'm an artist (hence the name of the blog). I'll more than likely be posting pictures of my art, whether it be for input or simply to show what I'm working on. Third, I have no intention of writing properly. I realize it's 'wrong' to address the reader, buuuuuuut I plan to do so. Granted, I doubt there will be many readers. Finally, I tend to type only half of what I'm saying. The rest, which is still in my head, I think I've typed or that you all will understand (since you're all in my head, right?).

Well, I'm out of rambling. So I think I'll end this here.

(And if you haven't noticed, I'm comma happy.)



  1. I, like, comma, happy, people,.... ,

  2. Guessing this is Haley's blog?

    Good Luck :)

  3. *s,t,a,l,k,s,t,h,e,c,o,m,m,a<s3*