Thursday, September 8, 2011

Into the Chaos

Vacation has ended. Classes have started. The biggest year of my high school career has finally arrived.

And it all begins with me jumping around like an elementary schooler because I got the seminar I wanted.

Yeah. That was pretty awesome. Not only did I get the seminar I've wanted since my first day at Waca, my best friends also got that seminar. All was well until my schedule was handed to me.

"Um... what?"

It didn't even make sense. I was missing two periods, and missing two "required" classes. Both of which I couldn't take without giving up one of my IB courses. Sofi, Salud and I were all complaining about our classes when my dear friend Rita came over to us and took the cake.

Her student ID said she was in 11th grade.


She wins the FML contest.

My second week back is close to ending. I'm still not used to the schedule; I have to look at the class times in every class. Every class is wonderful, though. I got exactly what I wanted.

1st - IB Biology
2nd - Anthropology 2
3rd - Modern Culture & Literature
4th - IB Math SL 2
5th - IB Art
6th - T.A 
7th - Creative Writing
Seminar - Johnstone 

With the new school year came a new obsession enjoyment. I finally gave in and watched Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji). And I fell in love found a new favorite character. 

Grell Sutcliff

I got a new binder that needed a picture on it. o3o So I drew a picture of Grell. ;D I realize it's not very good, nor original, but it still makes me happy. :3

(I meant to post this months ago, only to now realize it was still just a draft. fml)