Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Art: Cancer of the Heart

It's been a while since I've posted something. In an attempt to get Stein to update his blog, I told him I wouldn't post anything until he did...

Obviously, I failed. I just like talking to myself too much.

Onto art related ranting.

I've found that art is a way of life rather than a characteristic or trait. The artistic community that comes with this way of life? It's freaking awesome. Abstract and beautiful. Recently, my art has been going into a whole new dimension. I'm no longer doing fanart for my friends; my art is beginning to have actual meaning. Although, it's rather... depressing.

It revolves around cancer, of all things.

I take an IB art class. I was so excited to start, I finally had the freedom in art I've always wanted! It sounded easy to me at the beginning of the year. One critique, twenty pages done in my art book a month. During our first year in IB art, we're supposed to find a theme. We need a vague idea at first, so we can explore that, lead us into something deeper. Oh, and, the anime/manga style is a bit of a no-no in IB art. Sucks for me, huh? I felt hopeless, thought I was going to have to drop out of the class because I just... wasn't feeling it.

And then I found Camilla d'Errico ( ). Her work revolves around industry and animal rights. Guess what? She's an established artist, and her style is that of anime. That was enough to inspire me. She works in acrylics, mostly. But she also works in pen and ink. Her piece, "The Arms" is what set me off in the direction of cancer. I thought of what those arms could mean, other than being controlled.

What if it was cancer given a form?

And thats what I do now. Currently, I'm working on environmentally caused cancers, specifically smoking. There are so many things I can do with that. The piece I did for March was the first of this. Most of my twenty pages were full of those ideas. My teacher loved the pages, told me she feels as though I'm 'taking off as an artist'. The sense of accomplishment from this is almost overwhelming, I can't remember feeling this good about myself in a long time.

My teacher also thinks I could start my own Anti-Smoking campaign. Perhaps I'll see about this in the future? Anywho, heres something I've been working on the past few days. I'm not sure if I'll turn it into the critique for this month, but I do like how its turning out. <3

I give cancer form with pipes connected to my girls' heads. The pipes are, to use a quote from my Figure Drawing teacher, "one with the hair". This means you can't get rid of the pipes without losing the hair. You know... chemotherapy?  I didn't like her shoulder blades, so I ripped that part of the paper off. This isn't even close to being done. I used Prisma Color Pencils, and a pen. Er, and a regular pencil for all the icky gray areas. This looks 1000x better in person. ><

Alas, I have nothing else to talk about, since I just found out that Camilla d'Errico will be a few towns away from me April16th-17th.