Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To sum it up--

Goodness, my last post here was on November 11th, 2011. It's almost 2013 now. So much has happened in this last year. I'd tell you all in vivid detail how exciting this last year had been if that were the point of this update.

However, that is far from the point. This is the final time I will be updating this blog.

I suppose I could have simply left it in idle (since I doubt anyone cares enough to actually read this). But this blog was started for someone-- because of someone.

A someone I no longer talk to.

This is a bit of a loose end, allowing that chapter of my life to remain open. Finality is something I enjoy achieving.

Forgive me if I sound bitter. I hadn't felt that way to start. But there was a remnant of something of theirs, something they deleted, allowing me to only see a preview of a post that all but validated my initial insecurities that aided in the demise of our relationship.

"I've liked her from the beginning," hm? How odd it is that that beginning was prior to our end.

Fuck you for making me think I was paranoid.

I had been right the entire time.

Anywho, that being said, I can move onto more pleasantries. Allow me to list the biggest events of this last year in order to help bring this to a proper close:

  • IB testing
  • High school caught on fire
  • I was the only senior to get an award for my senior project presentation that was not in theatre or choir (representin' the IB Art class, yo)
  • Got a 6 on my IB Art HL exam
  • Started college
And this is a start that will extend for a while. My life is on track; I'm going to accomplish something. This chapter is officially coming to a close. 

Goodbye, Blogger.